Sketches and Drawings ~ Archive 1

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Hagbourne Garden (2009)
pen and ink drawing
29 x 21 cm

A favorite of mine, created for a keen gardener. Drawn in situ, I needed to work quickly while the sun was at a perfect angle. The rich detail of the half-timbered house had to be balanced with the anarchic scribble of the surrounding foliage.

Chez Christine (2006)
pen and ink drawing
26 x 22 cm

This was drawn in-situ on a hot summer afternoon in the south of France. Though I did not know it beforehand, the home owner was particularly fond of her runner bean 'wigwam' and delighted that I had included it so accurately!

Farm and Mountain (2003)
watercolour and pencil
18 x 13 cm

A personal favorite, painted while leaning against a stone wall in the lowlands of Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Chiesa del Gesu

Chiesa del Gesù (2001)
pencil drawing
10 x 15 cm

Probably my favorite sketch from my 2001 Rome trip, of the Church of the Gesù in the midst of the city's crowded streets. This was quickly drawn while propped up in a shop doorway. The off white paper helps the pleasing end result.

Teatro di Marcello

Teatro di Marcello (2001)
watercolour and pencil
15 x 21 cm

I can understand why artists were so drawn to the Mediterranean area. The vibrant blue skies and strong sunlight draw out the natural colours. This was another of my in-situ Rome sketches which came together well, compositionally and in the warm tones and reflected light of the stonework.

Bilbao Guggenheim (2000)
watercolour, pencil and pen
25 x 20 cm

Frank Gehry's wonderous titanium-clad Basque art gallery, gleaming in the sunlight. I was standing on a staircase below the adjacent road bridge when I painted this. I think my attempts to capture the mirror-like metal surfaces worked okay.

Chateau de Mont (1999)
pen and ink drawing
25 x 20 cm

Drawn in the grounds of this French chateau in November, when the trees were bare providing a graphic skeletal backdrop. It scene lent itself perfectly to bold pen and ink!

Gossmannsdorf II (1996)
pen and ink drawing
20 x 15 cm

Another favorite, I needs to cross a river and climb through vineyards to get a great view of the picturesque Bavarian village, centred around its church.

© Sean Kisby (Cardiff)