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Obi Onesie Kisnobi

Obi Onesie Kisnobi (2018)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 x 1.5cm

Apologies for the corny title, thanks to the guest appearance of my colourful onesie in this self-portrait! It's a tough job making a colourful painting of something that is already vibrantly coloured.

Emergency Corbyn

Emergency Corbyn (2016)
acrylic on canvas
15 x 15 x 2cm

Driven by the anger at how UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was being publicly undermined by his colleagues in Parliament, I completed this small portrait in less than 3 hours. Not sure quite what good it did for his cause though.

Reflections on the Middle East

Reflections on the Middle East (2015)
acrylic on cotton canvas
51cm x 41cm x 4cm

In the words of the recipient "I am over the moon ...what a brilliant portrait". Admittedly it was helped by a strong photograph of the subject, wearing mirror sunglasses which reflected the azure blue sky of a hot day in the tropics.

Somewhere within 2

Somewhere within 2 hours of GMT (2015)
acrylic on canvas
46 x 56 x 4cm

The subject was caught by a ray of sunlight while lost in deep thought. I was fortunate to know him very well and was confident that my colourful, paintily technique would be ideal to capture his interesting personality and, particularly, his long trademark dishevelled hair.

Charly in Blue and Violet

Charly in Blue and Violet (2014)
acrylic on cotton canvas
50cm x 40cm x 4cm

My foray into animal portraits. While most people who knew Charly the giant Schnauzer assumed he was black, I successfully proved them wrong.

Portrait of a Diary

Portrait of a Diary... (2014)
acrylic on various media
9cm x 9cm to 16cm x 16cm

An experimental diary project starting on 25 May 2014, where I attempt to record my daily mood and feelings in a series of small, quickly executed self portraits, particularly for an exhibition with a loose focus on mental health.

You can read more about my reasoning and methodology HERE.

Everyone wants a piece of

Everyone wants a piece of... (2013)
oil on canvas
15 x 15 x 3cm (each)

A foray into oil paints for the hell of it. My personal favorite of the three is "Ear" (left), though the other two may achieve more brand recognition.

Red Blue and Tan

Red, Blue and Tan (2013)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 30 x 3cm

A controversial Cardiff character, owner of Cardiff City FC, Vincent Tan. Cheekily and appropriately painted on a vivid red background to match the new team strip... but with touches of blue, of course.

United Colours of Madiba

United Colours of Madiba (2013)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 x 1.5cm

Nelson Mandela, Kisbyism style. Hopefully this is how the great man would prefer to be remembered, strong and vibrant like his trademark shirts. I started this painting on Mandela's 95th birthday, a remarkable landmark occasion. Many happy returns, Madiba!

Solidarity Pact

Solidarity Pact (2013)
acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 x 3.5 cm

A double portrait to mark a PACT civil ceremony and two significant birthdays. The loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours work very effectively.

Panama Dreams

Christine avec une pipe (2013)
acrylic on canvas
40 x 50 x 3.5cm

The source image for this painting was the product of a raunchy Christine Keeler-esque photo-shoot. However, I chose the more unusual pose with the subject holding her favorite pipe. Oui, c'est une pipe!

On the strict instruction that the base colour should be anything but bright orange, I took the hint and used a mid pink. Maybe this acted as a stereotypical counterpoint to the 'masculine' smoking device. The web of autumnal branches adds another layer of intrigue.

Panama Dreams

Panama Dreams (2012)
acrylic on canvas
40 x 50 x 3.5cm

Painted using a rich purple base colour to create a vibrant shimmer through the cooler greens. This portrait is of a well-travelled gent with a rich tapestry of tales to tell.

I was actually most pleased with the neck scarf, which was already multi-coloured and patterned before it received the Kisby treatment!

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