Artists Statement


During my art education I came to the both liberating and nihilistic conclusion that everyone was an artist. I was fascinated by the historical and economic processes that saw art transformed in status from an artisan craft into a synthesis of human creativity distilled into the hands of a select few. I liked to explore ways of exposing art's illusory and contradictory nature.

My earlier interests haven't gone away, but my philosophy has been tempered by my desire for personal enjoyment and a general fascination with colour and paint. I generally create paintings as a form of therapy to give meaning to my life, a raison d'etre to keep myself sane. If it envokes a reaction, emotion or exchange of ideas from other people that can only be a good thing. Feedback has been positive.

With art practice, poverty is not a sign of failure. But until I become a feted celebrity commanding high prices for my signed napkins, or meet an untimely death in a ploughed field, I welcome offers of work, commissions for paintings and any suggestions for solo or collaborative projects.


Sean Kisby

© Sean Kisby (Cardiff)