Artists Statement

My current paintings are as much about the painting as an object (and the actual process of painting) as they are about the ostensible subject.


During my formal art education at Cardiff Art College in the heart of the city, I came to the both liberating and nihilistic conclusion that everyone was an artist. I was fascinated by the historical and economic processes that saw art transformed in status from an artisan craft into a synthesis of human creativity distilled into the hands of a select few. I liked to explore ways of exposing art's illusory and contradictory nature.

Though my earlier interests haven't gone away, my philosophy has been tempered by my desire for personal enjoyment and a general fascination with colour and paint. I generally create paintings as a form of therapy to give meaning to my life, a raison d'etre to keep myself sane. If it envokes a reaction, emotion or exchange of ideas from other people that can only be a good thing. Feedback has been positive.


Sean Kisby

© Sean Kisby (Cardiff)